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Tolo Gomila

President Fevitur

About Tolo

Founder and CEO of Gomila Group Investment (GCI). He participates in the companies Tourism by G, Gravity, Residence by G, Formula Partners, Pizziosa and Mindhead. President of FEVITUR since 2017. For 20 years he led the international expansion of one of the largest multinational engineering companies with Spanish capital, participating in the execution of more than 700 hotels around the world.

He has been president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Parc BIT and president of the Innovation Commission of the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca. He is also a member of the board of directors of the CAEB, the Círculo de Economía de Mallorca, the Tourism Commission of the CEOE, the Spanish National Tourism Commission CEOE and the Confepyme Tourism Commission.

Tolo's sessions

Tolo’s session is going to be included in the Market Focus Spain schedule, which is going to be released very soon.

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