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Pierpaolo Pergola

Revenue Operation Manager Airdna

Website: www.airdna.co

About Pierpaolo

Pierpaolo Pergola is the Revenue Operations Manager at AirDNA, a short-term rental data &  analytics company. He is responsible for the alignment between marketing, sales, and customer success. Pierpaolo focuses on determining the most important tools and strategies to grow revenue,  eliminating silos between departments while prioritizing efficiency and accountability among teams. 

Prior to AirDNA, Pierpaolo has worked internationally in Pricing, Revenue Management, FP&A and supporting roles both in a corporate environment and start-ups. Pierpaolo holds a BS in Business  Administration and an MS in Strategy, Management, and Control from the University of Pisa.

Pierpaolo's sessions

Pierpaolo’s session is going to be included in the Market Focus Italia, which is going to be released very soon.

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