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Nino Dubretic

CEO and Co-founder at Direct Booker

About Nino

After graduating from the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Trade in Dubrovnik, Croatia he honed his acquisition skills at an insurance company nationally known as a school of sales among insurance companies going through numerous seminars to improve sales skills.

In 2010, after noticing Vacation Rental market was changing in the direction of the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), he grabbed the opportunity to start Direct Booker with partner Nikola Grubelic.

What was the idea of making another OTA shortly transform to Property Management Company (PMC) as the Vacation Rentals had a huge need for help organizing them on the OTAs those days.

Step by step Direct Booker grew from being a local PMC to World&#39;s top 10 Property Management Company & SaaS Provider (under the Booker Tools brand) with a World’s Leading Vacation Rental Franchise model and positioned itself as one of the Most Unique Brands in the Short Term & Vacation Rental Industry.

Nino’s role in this exciting journey is to take care of ABC aka. Acquisition, Brand and Creativity and for everything else there is his partner Nikola whose job is to take care of DEF aka. Development, Efficiency and Financing.

He believes Direct Booker can continue its growth of 8000+ managed properties in 13 countries and several thousands of SaaS users by descending into each travel destination by providing local Property Managers/Entrepreneurs with its Software or Franchise.

Nino's sessions

Nino’s session is going to be included in the Main conference program, which is going to be released very soon.

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