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Jan Kammerath

CTO and co-founder Lodgea

About Jan

In addition to his professional career (see below) and numerous commercial software projects and products, Jan Kammerath also published his own open source projects. He made his first contact with cloud computing in 2009 with the serverless Google App Engine, from 2015 with Amazon Web Services and finally received the certification “Certified Solutions Architect Associate” from Amazon Web Services in 2018. AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are his home.

Jan Kammerath is convinced of “serverless”, especially function-as-a-service, serverless key-value stores and infrastructure-as-code. After a large number of travel websites, reservation systems and so-called “Internet Booking Engines”, LODGEA now represents the ultimate solution for Internet booking for Jan Kammerath, which brings together his software development experience in the travel sector in one solution – as a disruptive solution.

Jan's sessions

Jan’s session is going to be included in the Main conference schedule, which is going to be released very soon.

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