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Alexis Barceló

Founder of Abal Consulting

About Alexis

With more than 16 years of experience in the hotel and vacation rental industry, previously served as General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Hotel Chains & Independent Hotels, negotiating deals and strategic partnerships from vacation rental properties, small to midsize Hotel companies to some of the largest travel companies.

Nowadays, acts as an Associate Teacher at International Business Schools & Universities, as a Consultant, Speaker, Investor, and Financial Advisor in several sectors of the short-term rental industry.

His consulting firm – ABAL Consulting – enables: Vacation Rental Properties, B&B’s, Hostels, Hotels… to predict customer demand, maximizes revenue and profit by mixing Hotel Management expertise with an effective and a disrupting combination of easy-to-use tools, coaching, and processes.

Currently, as the global travel and tourism sector grinds to a halt following travel bans and flight cancellations, many Short Term Rental Property Managers are struggling to plug the hole in their monthly income.

Alexis empowers hosts from anywhere in the world to manage and accelerate their short-term rental accommodation businesses in a simple and measurable way.

Alexis' sessions

Alexis’ sessions are going to be included in the Market Focus Spain, Market Focus France, and Main Conference schedules, which are going to be released very soon.

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